Casa Costa’s Customer Service – A Detailed Review and How to Address Issues

The customer service as Casa Costa in Boynton Beach gets mixed reviews from the people living there or who have lived here. The overall rating from customers at Google is 4.1. the majority of customers have rated this place with 5 stars.

Casa Costa's Customer Service

Customer Feedback that Will Help you Asses Customer Services at Casa Costa Condos in Boynton Beach

Positive Reviews

I visit family every year and I always stay in Casa Costa. It’s clean, has 24 hour security and a very helpful staff. It’s within walking distance to Two George’s, the Marina Cafe, the Banana Boat, the beach, Boardwalk Ice Cream, CVS, boat rentals and the pavilion to see the wildlife. I don’t even rent a car when I stay for a week. I walk everywhere with my kids.

It is very clean and friendly place. It has been renewed 2015 New building. Very close to North Federal Highway I-95 A1A and also 15 min to drive to Boca Raton or to North West Palm Beach. And İt is affordable compare to other condos. Peaceful and restful. Love it.

We spent the weekend on July 4th here and could not have been more pleased with our condo!  It was absolutely beautiful and everyone was so helpful and friendly!  We will stay here again no doubt!

The rooms are absolutely astounding!  Could be a little pricey but you plan ahead, budget and save up for exactly what you want for a vacation in FL, then it’s totally worth it to stay here.

This is a wonderful waterfront community with amazing amenities. I’m a real estate agent and I am always excited when I get to introduce my clients to the five star community.

Positive Reviews

Negative Reviews

Every time I deliver groceries or food for residences they tell me at the desk I’m not allowed up.  Okay so pretend the food is still warm, the ice cream hasn’t melted yet, and deliver the stuff promptly because it reflects poorly on delivery staff and shoppers.  Not very welcoming when people pay a lot for these services to be told we can’t finish the job.  Also feel like they’re stealing tips here since we aren’t permitted to greet the customers.

Terrible parking situation. I never give bad reviews but the parking rules are ridiculous. My parents have a 2 bedroom apartment, but only have 1 parking spot. They must pay to have the second car valet every night. Guests have to pay $10 every night they want to stay. I always pay my $10 to sleep over my parents, but 1 time I forgot to give it to the valet and my car is towed. No warnings, no boot, destroyed my day because my mother can’t drive herself and I need to drive her to the doctor’s office on certain days.

The fob system has been down for weeks I am limited mobility individual and I struggle with walking already. You have to walk at least 1/4 mile to walk into the front entrance just to get into the building. They’ve promised to have valet by the doors to let you in but nothing has been done. I do not recommend this place at all.

Negative Reviews

Average Reviews

Overpriced and management is not helpful. For a 2 bedroom apartment, you  only have 1 parking spot. You must pay to have the second car valet every night. Guests have to pay $10 every night they want to stay… Only thing saving this place is the location.

Very nice atmosphere, easy parking nice pool. The view from our unit wasn’t nice. Very clean well decorated.

Security is good and friendly, underground parking good, too frequently water and electrical problems.  Building needs painting, inside/outside and new carpeting.  Lots of snowbirds.  BOD and HOA typically at odds with each other, but that’s just my observation!

Average Reviews

Final Words

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